Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've Moved!

Sorry to all my faithful readers and any new comers that happened this way in the last couple months but I've quite obviously been away.  The fella, our fluffy dog, and I decided to say tata to Wisconsin and a big happy hello to Portland, Oregon.  It has been an epic adventure. The moving cross country and all the packing, unpacking, and job hunting that goes along with it was pretty all consuming and sadly the blog and my cooking have suffered.   Now that I've unpacked the kitchen and found all the gluten free friendly grocery stores I'm ready to get back to cooking fabulous things.

The sad news for all my French Diet followers is I've learned that being gluten free and finding out my other allergies are pointing me towards eating mostly vegan, doesn't allow me to do the Montignac Method any longer.  So unfortunately I'm stepping down as the queen of braised cucumbers and becoming mistress of local food for the dietary restricted here in Portland.  The Year on a French Diet blog will stay here for everyone's enjoyment and I might update every once in a while but I'm moving on to other things.

Which brings me to my new blog Gluten Free Vegetarian in Portland.  It is pretty rough shape at the moment since I don't have much energy to put into designing it but I hope you'll follow me over there as I explore food in the Pacific Northwest. 

It's been a fun ride.  Feel free to email me about French Diet stuff if you like, I still think it's a great style of eating it just doesn't work for my overly picky body.  But I still highly recommend it to those that want to give it a try.  Hope to see you all at my other blog!