Friday, May 7, 2010

Look Ma My Bread is Famous

 Photo by Steve Apps of the State Journal.

The interview I did with my foodie friend Lindsay for the local newspaper here in Madison just went up today.  As you may know May is Gluten Free Awareness month so she talked to me and a couple other people in the Madison gluten free community about our experience of going without wheat.  And the most important part of the whole thing of course was the food. 

I cooked four different very photogenic loafs of bread that the paper's photographer did a great job of capturing.  I'll post the recipe for the banana cardamom bread I reverse engineered from the fella's favorite gluteny recipe next week.  The other three recipes are from some of my favorite gluten free bloggers so be sure to check those out in the article as well.

It was a fun experience.  Now that people know what I'm doing over here I better get back to some serious blogging.  But after all that baking I need some time off from making bread.  I'm all breaded out.


Mater Amabilis said...

Fantastic Article. I really enjoy your blog, as well as the Facebook group/page. Eating like this is what saves me from total obesity. I had tried every diet over the past 15+ years and it wasn't until I learned to control and even eliminate the sugars that things turned around. It's a way of life, but a beautiful way of life. :D I LOVE the recipes and info! Thanks for sharing.

Emily said...

Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the blog and recipes. It's hard giving up those tasty sugars but it really is worth it. Thank you for commenting I needed to hear a happy story today.

Amy @ Simply Sugar & Gluten Free said...

Hey Emily - somehow I happened upon your blog and noticed I'm on your blog roll. Thanks so much for sharing me with your readers. It's a real honor.

Looks like you're doing some great work here...can't wait to hear how this goes. :)

Simply Sugar & Gluten Free

Emily said...

Amy, thanks for visiting my blog. I really enjoy yours so of course I but you on my blog rolls. Just made one of your brownie recipes the other night and it was outstanding.