Monday, April 13, 2009

B Double E Double R U N

After a month and a half of doing this diet the fella and I have finally started to get comfortable eating out. Of course we've only gone out all of three times, but still it's progress. The temptation to eat out lessens when you're spending such massive amounts on fresh produce every week and when you realize what a battle it is to find something on a menu that has no sugar and no carbs. All that work and its easier to make something at home. However when we just can't handle cooking one more dinner we have figured out how to eat Indian at our favorite place in town.

The fella orders the tandoori platter which is a low carb dream, just grilled meats and veggies. I get a savory lamb dish with a creamy sauce free of sweeteners which is a little weird without the rice but it works regardless of the looks we get from the waiters. It's a testament to the fact I was raised in the mid west that I feel insanely rude and guilty not eating everything on the table. It's hard to get over the eat everything on your plate ethos that is so ingrained into so many of us and is a problem with being on this sort of diet, it makes you kind of a pain in the butt patron. However I always make sure to tip a little extra for being difficult not because I have to but because I'm constantly annoyed by the picky customers at work and want to but a little good karma into the world. And the dog benefits from the rice situation since we bring it home for her and she gets a little treat for the next couple days. Everyone wins and no food goes to waste.

After dinner we went to see Todd Snider, one of my favorite folk singers. He's always a good time, telling funny stories and singing touching, relevant yet often funny songs. It was the best night out I've had in a long time but it involved out of the strangest moments in my recent memory. Beer isn't allowed on this diet so in order to have a drink I had to order extremely bad wine in tiny bottles, the things you see in grocery store and run in the other direction from. Not only that I was drinking ghetto wine while singing along with the guy who it most famous for writing Beer Run. This diet keeps making my life more and more interesting.

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