Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Some Food I Won't Ever Be Posting Recipes For

What is the shared obsession with gelatinious things in food from the 50's and France? This all looks quite scary. The more traditional recipes in the book are quite good but I make sure to never look for the pictures of them because the photographer found a way to make everything look frightening.

Casino Lobster. Did it just finish playing poker? I don't get it.

Fish in Outerspace. Apparently these are not fish of some sort and not creatures from another planet.

Edible Horse. This is an appetizer of some sort. I'm still looking for the appetizing part.

Chest Burster Chicken. I made the mistake of reading this recipe. That's a whole chicken then coated in candied aspic. The other things are hard boiled eggs with the same treatment then on a bed of aspic. It looks dangerous.

Roulette Ham. Who looks at a perfectly good piece of meat and thinks "hey let's put goo on it, that would be awesome."

All of this from Modern French Culinary Art which is a self contained gallery of regrettable food.

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