Monday, March 16, 2009


I can't believe how guilty I feel at the moment. Had a hard day at the dentist in which 25 minutes of dental work became 2 hours. I came home with a paralyzed face and had no energy to make anything let alone something diet friendly.

So I found the only whole fruit pre-made smoothie drink thing in the store that didn't have forbidden fruits in it and tried not to beat myself up over the fact that juice is not allowed while drooling all over myself. When I thought I could chew well enough to not eat my own face I then ate whole wheat pasta with the only sauce in the house which had, horror of all horrors, potato starch in it.

No recipe tonight, unless you want a play by play of how ridiculous it is to eat pasta while only having control of half your. With any luck this won't somehow cause me to gain my 12 pounds back.

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