Thursday, March 26, 2009

Light Weight

I'm kind of oblivious when it comes to my body. Up until recently that was a bit of a good thing because it meant I didn't obsess about my weight or even know what bra size I wear. This helps me be comfortable in my skin but it probably was less than healthy as I never knew how much I weighed unless I found myself on the horrifying scale in the doctor's office.

This obliviousness however is not the sanest thing in the world when one is dieting and blogging about it for the world to see. After 20 something years of not weighing myself I haven't been able to convince myself to start doing it regularly now. So it took until the other day for me to notice the pants I bought a month ago were falling off me, my shirts were baggy, and regular wine shop customers kept going on about how thin I looked. Clueless me still thought I had only lost about 12 pounds. I stepped on the scale and almost fell off it when I discovered I've now lost exactly 20 pounds. No wonder none of my clothes fit. Finally all the deprivation almost seems worth it.

I really didn't expect the results to be so obvious and so fast. Now I'm down a pants size and oh so glad I've kept my wardrobe from when I was lighter so I have something to wear. Can't figure out whether I'm thrilled or freaked out that I've lost weight so quickly.

Mostly I'm thrilled because those 20 pounds are the evil nasty ones that I've gained since going on thyroid medications that have caused havoc on my metabolism. The doctor warned me about weight gain but I wasn't prepared for gaining that much while eating less and exercising more so until the fella and I decided on this diet I had given up on ever being thin again. It should be interesting to see how difficult it is to get rid of the weight I've been hanging on to a little longer.

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